All the students are hereby informed that incentive marks will be awarded to them for following activities.

Sr. No. Scheme Activities Incentive Marks
1 R & D Activities Research Paper Publication:
A) Conference Paper presentation in Reputed Conferences IEEE, IETE etc. (Maximum Authors 02 ) 1 Mark /Subject
B) Journals
(i) Science Citation Index Journals(SCI)/ Journals indexed by Scopus 3 Marks /Subject
(ii) Peer reviewed journals (Maximum Authors 02 ) (Approved by HOD) 1 Mark /Subject
(A) Participation in project competition/seminars at IITs/ NITs/ International Association programs 1 Mark /Subject
(B) First / Second Prize winner in project competition/seminars participation at IITs/ NITs/ International Association programs (Approved by HOD ) (No marks will be allotted for simply attending the programme) 2 Marks /Subject
(C) Industrial Consultancy (Sponsored Projects)
i) Revenue generated above Rs 1 Lac 5 Marks /Subject
ii) Revenue generated between Rs 1 Lac and 50 thousand 2 Marks /Subject
(D) Sponsored projects
(i)Sponsored in terms of Facilities by other Industries
(ii) Project in the form of New Product (Approved by HOD in initial phase only )
1 Mark /Subject
Workshop conducted by students
i) One week and above(Maximum 4 students permitted)
2 Marks /Subject
ii) At least two days (Maximum 2 students permitted)
(Selection criterion of students coordinators for workshop conduction must be Approved by HOD well in advance )
1 Marks /subject
Patent filing/Intellectual property rights( Technical design and copyrights) 5 Marks /subject
2 MOOC/NPTEL Exams Certified courses from MOOC/NPTEL(Approved by SPOC) 3 Marks /subject
3 Sports Activity University color holder 3 Marks /subject
Participation in University/State / National level tournaments (Approved by Principal and Sports Coordinator) 1 Marks /subject
4 NCC/NSS activity Participation in Republic Day Parade 3 Marks /subject
Participation in National level camps for NCC/NSS 2 Marks /subject
5 Cultural Activity Color Holder in cultural activities (Approved by Cultural Coordinator) 3 Marks /subject
Participation in University(youth festival)/State/National level competition 1 Marks /subject

Guidelines for awarding the Incentive marks for R&D Activities

  1. At the time of First Project Progress Monitoring round list of sponsored projects recommended by H.O.D, along with Letter of Interest.
  2. Only those Projects which are approved by the Principal in the final phase will be awarded incentive marks.
  3. For the Sponsored software projects fund should be submitted to the Account section.
  4. For the Sponsored hardware projects, all the hardware facilities must be provided by the concerned industry.
  5. For the conduction of workshops, student coordinator selection criterion must be approved by HOD.
  6. For the conduction of workshop at institute level student coordinator selection criterion must be approved by concerned coordinator and HOD.
  7. Project marks will be considered in the spring semester of the concerned academic session.
  8. Incentive marks once awarded for any project/ paper publication in the current academic year, then extension/modification of the same project/ paper publication will not be considered for incentive marks in the next academic year.