It is very much essential that our students should become compatible with the output of different educational institutions in the world. Our institution will prepare series of the students responsible to perform various duties and we will make teams containing various categories of persons, our college will provide platform to prepare teams of persons having various background in order to perform the fully independent activities. Our college has decided to undertake activities like development of software to enhance the interaction between college teachers and industries, presentation of research papers in the conference, the interaction between college and research institute, organize the lectures of experienced teachers and industrialist, encourage the activities related to games and arrange other cultural activities cultivate the seeds of equality in the minds of all the members of team.

In addition to the regular teaching work we will give them the training to become good citizen of the country, avoid the misuse of education, protect national property. Further we will tread them in the development of the software to help the country by stopping bad treads and habit.

Prof. Dr. B.H. Pawar
M.Sc., Ph.D.