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About MCA

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year professional degree in computer science. The Saraswati College MCA Program is designed to train graduates in advanced tools, technologies, and applications for the IT industry. The industry-oriented curriculum helps learners to understand various application tools and programming languages to develop better and faster applications.

Curriculum Details

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University’s School of Computer Science Engineering and Technology has developed a comprehensive curriculum for the MCA programme to help students in business application, critical thinking, empirical and quantitative analysis, communication, teamwork, and life skills.

Intake Applied for AY 2024-25

MCA – 120

Campus Information​

Saraswati College has a vibrant campus life. As a part of it, a student will be witness to a panoply of diverse cultural, clubbing and community activities during his time spent here. The college is committed to the wellness and growth of every student inside and outside the classrooms; hence, the environment that has both education and entertainment is served in equal measure.

Scholarship Programs

1.  To honour the merit of the applicants, Saraswati College offers scholarships to the applicants enrolled on the programmes. The Institute Scholarship Programme offers special scholarships to assist MCA aspirants in realizing their dreams of becoming successful. Every year, Saraswati College provides limited scholarships to meritorious students as per institutional policy.

2. We mentor and support meritorious students for international scholarship programme for Summer Internship and Research Internship under NTU – India Connect at Singapur, Erasmus Scholarship Program.  Saraswati College, Shegaon, is an authorized member of this scholarship programs.

3.  The Government scholarship is available for eligible students as per the rules and regulations of Government of Maharashtra.

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Rules & Regulations

The academic activities of the Institute are scheduled in the academic planner/calendar at the beginning of each academic year. It is mandatory for students / faculty to strictly adhere to the academic calendar for completion of academic activities. The academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The Semester that begins in June shall be called Autumn Semester and the semester that begins in December is known Spring Semester. The total duration of each Semester shall include registration, teaching, continuous internal evaluation, tests, end of semester examination, evaluation, result declaration & vacation.


  1. The total number of PG seats to be filled are as per the sanctioned intake (The approval of which has to be taken each year) from AICTE, New Delhi.
  2. The overall process of admission to MCA is governed by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), ARA and MAHA CET Cell, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.



  • As prescribed by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati


  • Attendance will be considered from day one, it is compulsory for all students to maintain minimum 75% attendance otherwise he/she will be detained. Actions likely to be taken against students in detention list are-

    1. He / She is not be eligible for internal marks based on attendance.

    2. He / She is not be eligible for Academic incentive marks

    3. He / She is not be eligible for scholarship of any kind from the institute.

    4. He / She is not be eligible for library facility.

    5. He / She is not be eligible for industrial visit and training.

    6. Parents of these students are to be informed and called at the time of registration / commencement of the semester and undertaking to be submitted by these students to respective HOD.

    7. Despite all these actions if a student fails to obey the undertaking, the student will not be permitted to attend theory and practical classes.

  • Leave for four lectures per subject will be automatically granted on medical/personal reasons. These four lectures will be subtracted from the total attendance of the student at the end of session for all the students irrespective of whether they have availed the leave or not. No need to apply for short personal / medical leave.

  • The leave for Participation in outdoor activity such as NSS, Sports Activity, etc. should be reported to the concern In-charge by the students. The in-charge will forward the final list of such students to the Dean Academic and all HODs.

  • In case of genuine leave, students need to apply for genuine leave consideration from time to time to HOD with proper document & justification. Lateral leave applications will not be considered.

  • In case of any correction in attendance, students should report to the concerned subject teacher within four days from the date of display of consolidated cumulative attendance.


Discipline and Conduct

  • A student shall conform to a high standard of discipline and conduct himself within and outside the precincts of the college in a manner befitting the students of an institution of national importance. He / She shall have seriousness of purpose and shall, in every way train himself / herself to lead a life of earnest endeavor and cooperation. He/ She shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the college and the Hostels, good neighborliness to his / her fellow students, respect to the wardens of the Hostels, and the teachers of the college and pay attention and courtesy to the visitors.

  • For the maintenance of discipline amongst the students of the college, the competent Authority may appoint a Discipline (Standing) Committee each year to examine the cases of any student or student involved in any breach of rules of conduct and recommend to the Principal for suitable disciplinary action or punishment.

  • Students should not involve directly or indirectly in any type of raging otherwise will be punished as per the provision of Maharashtra Act XXXIII known as “Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act of 1999” resulting in suspension, expulsion from college and imprisonment.

  • Breach of Rules and Regulation, lack of decorum, ungentlemanly conduct or willful damage of college properties, or of the belongingness of a fellow student as well as adoption of unfair means in the classrooms, laboratories, and field or in the examination hall shall constitute the Act of indiscipline by the students.

  • A student whose conduct has not been up to the standard expected may be imposed monetary fine, temporarily or permanently suspended or rusticated from the college or debarred from taking examinations.

  • The Principal may give hearing to the students reported against and pass orders on the recommendations of the Discipline Committee.

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